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  1. I didnt understand much of this but kenny is such a great leader and i hope the best for him where ever he goes and i will do what i can to make the server at it best with the family of evict but i hope like i suggested to maybe add map de_cliff such a great map and if u can add amx_destroy i can give the plugin in privat if u want cause theres such an annoing players that have unban cheat or something and again i hope everybody can work together like a team and we will be always Number 1
  2. u got admin like 2 days ago dont u think its too early to upgrade ? i have to say Contra
  3. oh ye i bet u read the rules3 like 10 times? cmon now and OfCourse countra
  4. i dont know how u got a helper and u want to get mod ? Contra need to learn alot before going up
  5. how about adding map de_cliff i already suggested but nobody respond its actually a great map for furien mod id say give it a chance and see how its going
  6. Model: furien Nume Harta: de_cliff Link de download: u can find it ur self its pretty popular O mica descriere: its a great map especialy to furien mod id say give it a chance.