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  1. d4rut.

  2. d4rut.

    Really; XD i slap you 1 time, you angry and report me ? stop being such little children, endure a simple joke. That slap cost you the loss of a family member? nice kid
  3. d4rut.

    Can unban me? IM CLEAR
  4. d4rut.

    Because a few days ago I started playing again ... I had "retired" for a few months, and before if Nvidia E7 was allowed, only the E8 and E9 were not allowed. I already downloaded another: Counter Non Steam, is it allowed or you will ban me too?
  5. d4rut.

    I do not lie, I told you it was d4rut. and that you would wait for me to fit in with nick, you did not give me 2 minutes to do it, and you banned me permanently.
  6. d4rut.

    My Wargods: This is my ip for unban:
  7. d4rut.

    ★ Nick: d4rut. ★ Nick-ul adminului : The_Kox ★ Pe ce mapa s-a intamplat: de_dust2 ★ Data si ora: 14:25 p.m hour of Argentina. ★ Ce ar trebui sa primeasca adminul reclamat: Down. ★ Motivul reclamatiei : He gave me pika, for using "Nvidia E7", but it's the only one I have, I do not have Counter Strike No Steam, nor the Steam, I told him to give me time to download it and he gave me permanent ban. Of course, use comand on admin. I know the rules, I warned him that I was going to download the normal Counter, but he did not hesitate to ban me. ★ Dovada (se accepta doar print la consola/demo) : No have, is pika.
  8. d4rut.

    Pro helper.
  9. d4rut.

  10. d4rut.

    EDIT: I dont want to change my nick. T/C.
  11. d4rut.

    ★ Nick vechi: d4rut. ★ Nick nou: Bills ★ Motiv: i want to change ★ Ai citit informațiile și condițiile?: yep ★ Link de la ultima cerere: is the firs ★ Grad deținut: I was about to be a moderator. thnx.
  12. d4rut.

    Hello, I only come to tell you that I have returned to help on the server and in the forum.
  13. d4rut.

    Pro, i remember you, good admin.
  14. d4rut.

    Contra, hours.
  15. d4rut.

    ★ Nick: d4rut. ★ Age: 17 ★ Have you read the guidelines ?: zquad ★ Skype / Steam ID: - ★ Link GameTracker with hours: Most old administrators know me. I had 700 hours, with another nick (K10), but I want to start from scratch: SLOT. Thanks.